WP 9 will identify target groups for early preclinical preventive intervention in community-dwelling senior citizens, based on a geriatric perspective on mental wellbeing and frailty as a core component of functional competence.


  1. To examine the reciprocal relationship between mental health, cognitive function and functional competence and to identify mental health factors able to prevent functional decline
  2. To verify information about mental health aspects and its impact on functional competence by using assessment of persons with severe restrictions in everyday life competence caused by impairment of mental health in the German Health Insurance Medical Service, in order to establish an active surveillance system for mental health as recommended by WHO.
  3. To examine variations about how healthcare systems deal with the consequences of mental health respectively mental impairments for physical functioning across those European countries where MINDMAP longitudinal urban cohorts are located.
  4. To analyse how health care planning strategies in MINDMAP cities include urban environmental factors to promote mental well-being, prevent mental disorders, and provide care using a geriatric perspective.
  5. To initiate / support health-care service networks for older urban citizens based on (i) evidence based practice, and (ii) geriatric scientific evidence to strengthen the cooperation between science and practical health care service provision.

Work package leader Ulrike Dapp, Hamburg University