WP 5 will harmonize and analyse data on biomarkers of mental health from all cohorts collecting biological samples. It will use existing data on allostatic load biomarkers. This WP will also carry out gene-environment and epigenetic analysis on selected samples to examine how the urban environment modifies gene effects and gene expression, particularly changes in DNA methylation, a potential mechanism through which features of the urban environment contribute to psychopathology.


  1. To harmonize inflammatory and stress biomarkers available in the MINDMAP cohorts
  2. To integrate data on genetic variants relevant to depression and cognitive impairment available in the MINDMAP cohorts
  3. To integrate and analyse epigenetic aging profiles of people with depression (or cognitive impairment) compared to people with no depression, and examine how the epigenetic profile relates to trajectories of health.
  4. To examine the interaction between genes and the urban environment on the mental health of older people incorporating both gene-environment as well as epigenetic analyses

Work package leader Parminder Raina, McMaster University Hamilton