WP 10 will develop a longitudinal database of ‘health-in-all’ and mental health prevention policies and examine their impact on the mental health of older persons in European cities.


  1. To develop a database of (a) promotion of mental well-being and prevention of mental health disorders and (b) urban ‘health-in-all policies’ that influence the environmental, behavioural and psychosocial determinants of mental health and cognitive capacity, identified by the WHO Global Age-Friendly Cities initiative
  2. To link data on the above policies with longitudinal data from cohorts across European cities
  3. To implement advanced statistical and quasi-experimental techniques to estimate the impact of mental health and ‘health-in-all’ policies on mental health and cognitive functioning
  4. To estimate the costs of current and alternative ‘health-in-all-policies’, and policies for the promotion of mental health and prevention of mental health disorders, among older persons living in European cities

Work package leader Mauricio Avendano, King’s College London