WP 11 will develop an agent-based model that integrates input from WP3-WP10 to assess the impact of policies that affect the urban environment on mental health in the context of ageing.


  1. To develop an agent-based model of mental health in urban environments that integrates the key multilevel determinants identified in WP3 to WP10, incorporating key dynamics (including feedbacks).
  2. To validate and calibrate the model by (a) using project results (as well as other relevant literature) to parameterize key components; (b) contrasting model predictions with observed generic data patterns on mental health in cities; and (c) sharing the model and obtaining input from other scientists and key stakeholders.
  3. To use the agent-based model to examine the impact of selected policy intervention scenarios on mental health in cities.

Work package leader Ana Diez-Roux, Drexel University Philadelphia