WP 12 will be responsible for dissemination by creating a policy platform for exchange with relevant stakeholders and coordinating dissemination products. It will synthesise the design strategies at the beginning and the findings and implications for mental health prevention policies at the end, working closely with the more relevant networks of institutions, professionals and patients, and using structured methods for stakeholder engagement and community participation.


The overall aim of this WP is to create maximum exchange with stakeholders about the concepts, methods and outcomes of the study throughout the entire duration of the project. This will ensure optimal input from stakeholders at the European, national and local level, and adequate impact of project results on relevant stakeholders’ aims. Specific objectives of this WP are:

  1. To compose policy platform panels at the European and local level and to coordinate activities of the platforms for informing and engaging stakeholders in the project
  2. To carry out a pilot case study in one participant city to assess the performance of the MINDMAP communication processes in the policy platform panels
  3. To integrate stakeholders’ perspectives into MINDMAP from the start of the project in each participating city and at European level
  4. To disseminate implications of project findings for the prevention of mental health disorders and promotion of mental health in each participating city and at European level

Work package leader Guiseppe Costa, ASLTO3/University of Turin