Mindmap research on the impact of public transport use on mental and cognitive health was presented at the launch of the English Longitudinal Study of Aging Wave 8 report. This research used data from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing and examined the impact of an age-friendly, public transportation policy introduced in the UK in 2006, which made people age 60+ eligible for free bus travel. The study found that free bus passes were linked to increases in public transport use and social engagement among older people, which in turn led to declines in depressive symptoms and loneliness as well as improvements in cognitive function, particularly memory.

The attendees at the conference included representatives from academic, independent research, charity, and government institutions, and was an excellent opportunity to get valuable feedback, disseminate the findings, and promote Mindmap research.

English Longitudinal Study of Ageing Wave 8 Report

Mindmap publication on free bus passes, public transport use, and mental health